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Canine Physiotherapy

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How can physiotherapy benefit your dog?

Whether your dog is a competitive agility dog or the family friend physiotherapy can be used alongside your dogs normal exercise program to keep them fit, improve performance and general well-being, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

If your dog is recovering from injury or post surgery MB Veterinary Physiotherapy can tailor a rehabilitation program to your horses need to enhance recovery time. Rehabilitation incorporates manual therapies, electrotherapies and ground work  to aid with your horses recovery.


What does a canine physiotherapy session consist of?

Your dog will have a thorough static assessment followed by a gait assessment using slow motion video recording to help establish if there are any gait abnormalities. The palpation assessment the follows, supported by clinical reasoning, to help determine the correct treatment plan for your dog. 

The treatment plan will consist of massage, stretching, mobilization and trigger point therapy combined with electrotherapies and heat to achieve the optimum treatment. No treatment session is the same as each dog is treated as an individual with their own personalized treatment plan.


How can exercise prescription benefit your dog?

Carrying out exercises at home, such as sit to stand or paw, can greatly benefit your dogs balance, core stability, fitness and muscle tone, as well as improve general behaviour and act as a weight control. The exercises can range of basic commands to using poles and proprioception aids.

Each exercise prescription plan is tailored specifically to your dogs ability and requirements and will always be demonstrated to you during a session.

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