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Equine Physiotherapy

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Canine Physiotherapy

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Other Animals

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Manual Therapies

Manual therapies comprises of a range of different techniques using the physiotherapist's hands. This consists of massage, trigger point and myofascial release, stretches along with soft tissue and joint mobilization.



Equipment that derives its functional power from an electrical source. Electrotherapies help optimize the healing processes within the body.

At MB Veterinary physiotherapy we are lucky to have an INDIBA, and Omega class 3B laser. Both machines act on the body if different ways to promote healing optimizing your animals recovery.

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Exercise Prescription

Each animal will be given their own tailored exercise plan to carry out at home with each exercise being demonstrated during a treatment session. This aims to help assist with injury recovery and speed up your animals rehabilitation. 

Exercise prescription exercises also benefit performance animals to help maintain fitness and suppleness as well as improve on muscle tone helping to get your animal competition fit.



Groundwork helps to improve proprioception, biomechanics, balance and control as well as increase suppleness and flexibility. Core stability and strengthening too will benefit. Its as simple as walking your horse over poles or placing your dogs front paws on a balance cushion. Groundwork is a vital part of an animals recovery.

Clinics on how to lunge, long rein and groundwork with poles can be organized on request.


Ridden Assessment

Ridden assessments create the opportunity for your horse to be assessed under saddle bringing to light the potentially more discrete aliments and behavioral issues. This creates the opportunity for any imbalances or weaknesses to be made note of and create a program to improve on.


Pole Clinics

Pole work is extremely beneficial for proprioception, range of motion, core stability and building muscle. The poles can be arranged in numerous ways to make your horse work in certain ways to target specific muscles and problem areas. Pole work can be incorporated into groundwork or can be carried out undersaddle.

Pole clinics can be one to one sessions or of groups up to a maximum of 4. Please ask for more information.

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